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Is Protein Powder The Best Idea for Women?

Protein is always a major element being used by humans to develop their muscles, bones and nowadays many skin care products also offer protein in them. Same is the case when it comes to raise your physical growth of muscles and also when you are looking for losing weight through natural mediums than protein shakes are mostly preferred by the health workers, body building experts and the athletes who have taken them with proven results. But which is the best brand? And which is the safest?

protein powder

Well first, you take protein shakes before exercises and at times when your body is not in a state of excessive working because it increases the calories level that you might burn during your workout or which you had already burnt during your exercise or workout. I believe Syntha-6 by BSN or Optimum Nutrition Gold Stand is the safest and best protein powder because they are homegrown in the U.S. and don’t put artificial ingredients in their powders. Please research your supplements before you take them because they are not regulated by the Federal Drug Administration.  Now the question that may bug all of us is that what are the side effects of protein shakes? picking the most effective one can be extremely difficult. But I believe, this website here, can help you decide! Their are numerous health benefits for women increasing their daily protein intake by ingesting the proper protein powder supplements. But are they safe for both women and men?  You might have used any product in past which might have resulted in serious problems afterwards e.g. Once I bought a pimple cream late in my childhood as it’s the age when everyone is suffering from pimple problem so when I used it for some days it resulted in some serious skin allergies because my skin reacted with the chemicals in a way which it was not supposed to. In our life we may have gone through such experiences and it’s the reason why your mind keeps asking yourself, “what are the side effects of this protein shake I am taking?”

Well here you go, this video outlines the benefits and possible dangers of protein. However, I believe for the most part, it is safe. But you should be cautious if you have kidney problems.


Other possible side effects of a protein shake could be due to excessive consumption and without proper guidance. Our kidneys could respond very negatively to such diets and therefore it may increase the level of acidity in blood which may react with calcium in body and thus making bones weak. Once you are bones become weak than there will be no use of your big strong muscles and weak bones may lead towards injuries. For all those people who have kidney stones they should take more care about the daily intake of protein shakes. Over consumption in such case will lead to severe pain. Therefore avoid excessive consumption and get a balanced diet plan for daily intake.

Side effects of protein powder can also depend on your age. As proteins are the building blocks for the muscles therefore they tend to increase the metabolism and many times doctors recommend them to the weak or old people as well but here you have to keep in mind is your body ready for any such dosage as after all it is our body who has to digest and extract the energy out of it.

Although protein shakes are very important for building muscles, it is quite clear that their excessive consumption by anyone can lead to severe complications. If you ever get any minor problem from the use of any of the protein shakes than you must consult your doctor about the issue and surely he can recommend you some good daily dose of protein so that your body does not get any harmful effects from ingestion.

Chocolate Protein Shake Recipes

You might have 

Tried many protein shake recipes and would have preferred some of them on their taste and also what you have liked. Previously most of the whey protein shake recipes were based on milk and eggs but nowadays you can find them in a variety of flavors. You might have tried some of the chocolate protein shake recipes but the ones we are giving you here will be a treat for all.

Many of us don’t know about the different recipes at the start but later on as we search for different combinations they might end up in some really great recipes which can be healthy and also full of taste.. But it’s quite simple once you know about the ingredients you want to add in your recipe.

Many people like chocolate flavor therefore following are the best chocolate protein shake recipes which most of the users will cherish.

Chocolate Whey Protein Shake

protein shake


  • 2 to 3 scoops Chocolate Whey Powder as depending on your requirement
  • 12 oz. milk
  • 2 to 3 table spoon of vanilla yogurt
  • 1 to 2 table spoon reduced fat peanut butter
  • 2 to 3 table spoon hazelnut coffee
  • 1/8 cup caramel ice cream topping

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup


  • 2 to 3 scoops of chocolate Whey Powder
  • 2 to 3 table spoon Whipping Cream (heavy cream, not cream out of a can)
  • 1 to 2 table spoon Peanut Butter
  • 12 oz of water
  • 1 to 2 table spoon of Flax Meal

Heavy Gainer recipe


  • 2 to 3 scoops chocolate Whey Powder
  • 3 to 4 egg whites
  • 1 table spoon of Peanut Butter
  • 8 oz of cold water

Frozen Chocolate Banana Recipe for banana lovers


  • 12 oz of Water
  • 1 banana
  • 1 to 2 tablespoon of heavy cream
  • 2 scoops chocolate protein powder

You may add some ice cubes in each of the recipe to make them smooth as it is difficult to drink thick liquid for many people.

weight loss

Protein shakes for weight loss

weight loss

For past many years protein shakes were supposed only for those who were related to bodybuilding and athletics but now you might have heard from your neighbor how he or she is using them for losing weight. As protein is considered to be a building block for muscles than how these protein shakes for weight loss work? Therefore the simplest answer is protein shakes are not only about building muscles but also they tend to help you take a balanced diet which can easily result in some amazing results either in shape of powerful muscles or in losing weight.

Relation between built muscles and weight

All those people who don’t take balanced diet may result into getting high fats on their body on each muscle therefore increasing your body weight. On the other hand protein shakes mean you try to achieve the optimum diet required by your body therefore building your muscles and reducing the amount of fats on each muscle, hence reducing your body weight.

As protein shakes have the optimum level of proteins in them required by our body, hence we can replace our meals with protein shakes. Through this process we decrease the amount of calories we consume in our routine diet and therefore as low amount of calories is consumed while optimum level of protein is given to the body which results in fat loss and help muscles to grow. You should also know when to take protein shakes.

Meal replacements

Replacing every meal with a protein shake may result into some serious problems therefore it is not advisable. If you are not a body builder or involved in any form of exercise than you should only replace your lunch with a protein shake. Taking routine meals at breakfast and dinner will help you to maintain other important nutrients in your body.

Alone protein shakes may not bring some magical results to your overall weight losing strategy therefore you must keep sure that other diet along with protein shakes maintain other nutrient requirements of your body.

Protein shake diet and women

If you are a woman and thinking will protein shakes for weight loss will help you the same as they do for men than the simplest answer to your question is yes. Whey protein is quite handy for women in case they are trying to lose weight and you might look more details here in protein shakes recipes for women.

Whether you are a woman or a man when it comes to choosing a protein powder be sure to always choose the best quality powder. As if you are using a powder with low quality you may get triggered with some problems therefore also see side effects of protein shakes for some other guidance. It is also advisable that you must consult your physician in case you find any negative impact on your body after using a certain brand of protein shakes and even if you have noticed any allergic symptoms on using any.


Can protein shakes make you fat?

Protein shakes are a widely used product nowadays. Even it is recommended to different patients who are particularly not even doing any sort of body building stuff or any other exercises. Therefore if you are not a muscle builder in any way than you should always keep in mind how to use these shakes as their balance in your diet will make you gain or lose weight.

How calories in protein shake work?

Calories in diet shakes could be one major reason many face weight gain while using shakes and it is quite common among those who don’t exercise. Therefore if you are not a body builder and taking protein shakes than you should always keep an eye on the amount of calories you are going to take in with diet drinks daily.

What is recommended?

All those people who use protein drinks in their diet and do weight lifting on regular basis can gain a little weight as protein is utilized to build muscles mass. When our muscles are built they may weight a little more than before so you don’t have to worry about the gain in weight. As you have to take calories along with diet shakes therefore mostly it is recommended to take more shakes before you go for exercises as it will help your body to repair the torn and strained muscles with help of protein in your body.
Therefore a balanced diet along with diet shakes will never make you fat.

Protein Shakes

Protein shakes are commonly praised

among the body building enthusiasts and the athletes. Now a days as interest of people is growing about their health and nutrition so it is becoming more common among the masses to take diet that is rich in nutrition. Protein is an important constituent of our diet and thus protein drinks are now becoming a part of our daily use items. Although the core objective of these shakes was to acquire the energy lost during any workout or an athletic performance but now it is widely used for gaining mass and also for losing weight. Now the question arises do they really help? We will try to answer as many as possible of the questions arising in your mind in this comprehensive guide.


Before we talk about protein shakes let’s have a quick look on the meaning of protein. Our body is not only composed of a single material, in fact there are a lot of chemical combinations involved in it and proteins are one of the major components of our body. Protein is the basic builder of many of human body’s major building blocks like muscles, bones, skin, enzymes, hormones and tissues. An average adult person’s body has about 10 to 12 kg of protein stored in different skeletal muscles. If protein become deficient in the body it is impossible for the body to produce biochemical components required for cardiovascular activities. Its deficiency can also lead to slow growth of muscles and can also slowdown the process of muscle healing, thus it would be difficult for anyone to work above his capacity.

Although you should have never taken special proteins in your diet until now but that’s not the fact as they are included in many daily use food items including milk, meat, beans, eggs, seeds, nuts and legumes. Protein shakes are also a source to increase the amount of protein in our body.

What are protein shakes?

In the past and even nowadays, protein shakes are commonly used by the athletes for regaining their energy that is being lost in their workouts. Protein supplements are a combination of proteins, carbohydrates and fats or we can simply say that protein shakes are the drinks which compose protein powder; sugar, water and milk are blended with it. There is a large variety of diet shakes available in the market and it could be either in form of cans or in powdered form. Mostly protein in the powder is obtained from the following:

  1. Whey
  2. Soy
  3. Egg
  4. Casein

Why protein shakes are praised among bodybuilders?

The most common use of protein shakes is among the body builders who are trying to improve their muscles strength and muscle mass. Whenever we lift weights or do exercises our muscles contracts and results into microscopic tears in our muscles and that is the major reason of the pain after heavy workouts. The average days taken by a muscle to heal those tears are 1 to 2 and the job of healing is done by protein. Protein rebuilds the muscle fibers so your muscle can heal and grow at the same time. The muscle healing period may differ for those people who have never done workouts or heavy exercises ever in their life. Many people who start body building cannot move their effected muscles for even one week.

Mostly body builders or athletes drink protein shakes before doing a workout to gain the maximum amount of energy to enhance their workout period or to optimize the capacity of their muscles to lift weights. But these are not the primary purposes of the protein supplements, these are just like the helpers for our body and they help in building or growing muscles efficiently. Water along with carbohydrates can be used instead of shakes for optimizing your muscle capacity for some time. In fact it’s the carbohydrates in protein shakes which help to enhance the workout and many people relate it solely to protein drinks. At the same time it depends entirely on you to take protein shakes before or after workout.

What are the benefits of protein shakes?

According to the chief executive officer and also the co founder of the International Society of Sports and Nutrition (ISSN) it is difficult for the people to just take a meal a before the workout therefore these ready to drink shakes are the best alternative that any man can have. ISSN also claim them to be the safest alternative source for the protein.

  • Liquids have also more protein availability as compared to the solid forms of the protein.
  • Help in building your muscles rapidly and help them grow at a much faster pace.
  • Let your muscles build and help them to gain more mass.
  • It repairs your muscles and thus provides you relief from pain of those tiny tears which are brought by initial stage of body building and also when you have done heavy workouts.
  • As your muscles grow it also help you in increasing your stamina and thus helps to increase the time period of your workouts.
  • Our body absorbs liquid faster and use them in body functions therefore these are more helpful than solid protein sources.

Different Type of protein shakes available

The below mentioned types have their own different specialties and functions. They have their own bio chemical configuration of amino acids and hence all of them provide different sort of protein to the body and where the body needs them.


Whey is a protein in milk which can be obtained by curdling or straining the milk. This protein contains the highest branched-chain amino acids which can be found in any form. It sky rockets the rate of digestion therefore absorbs in your body briskly and thus provides you some instant energy for your intense workouts. You can take it in between meals and also just before going to the workout.


Casein is also a form of protein found in milk and about Eighty percent of cow milk consists of it. It is absorbed gradually by human body and it stays for a long period in our body. It can be supplemented with meals and could be taken before bed or at times when you are not about to start a workout because it will not help in instant repair of your muscles but will build your muscles in the long term. Thus shakes which provide whey and casein at the same time can be the best for your ultimate growth of muscles and also the repairing of your muscles.


Unlike other proteins soy is herb based source of protein which is also slowly absorbed by the human body and it is one of the major reasons why people don’t use soy protein as much as they use whey or casein. Many people usually take soy because either they don’t like milk or they are allergic to whey or casein. It could be taken by those also whose customs or religion doesn’t allow them to drink milk. You can take it as a supplement of meal and also when you have ample amount of time before workout.


Egg is the most widely accepted protein. Although it is quite expensive therefore it may not be seen as the primary component of protein drinks. It is taken from the albumen of an egg therefore it does not contain any fats, carbohydrates or cholesterol. Unlike whey and casein it is also not easily digestible by the human body therefore it could not be used for instant energy therefore we can use it in meal replacement.

Some other important ingredients of protein shakes available in markets

When it comes to your personal protein shake it totally depends on you how you prepare your shake and what are the needs of your body therefore when going for a protein shake, read the labels and instructions to see the composition that is up to your requirement. Many people add fruits like strawberry, pineapple and banana. There are many others who add juice, water and yogurt to their shakes as they are making it according to their own needs but the only thing common and which should be kept in mind is that amino acids are the building blocks of proteins therefore whatever ingredient you might add to your protein shake it should help to grow protein faster in your body.

Following are the commonly used ingredients in manufacturers protein powder:

Creatine: It provides lots of support in growth of muscle mass and strength but still it is not recommended to use excessively because excessive use can never help you to achieve what you want to.

Glutamine: It is the amino acid which can easily be depleted in one’s body therefore it is always required for building muscles and is also good for immune system.

Leucine: It is the branch chained amino acid which supports muscular growth and strength.

Hemp seed: It contains a quickly digestible protein which can be helpful for energy gain.

Pea protein: It is a hypoallergenic protein with quite a different texture than of most of the other protein powders. It is quite similar to the soy therefore it can help you in strengthening your muscles.

Rice Protein: This protein is wholly made of grain and thus it is a complete source of protein and it is also quickly digestible. It has very low quantity of lysine (amino acid) therefore it is often combined with the pea protein powder to accomplish a higher amino acid profile.

Many of us are nowadays using protein shakes and if main objective of exercise is to lose the body fats than go for those one that’s mainly concentrated with protein and has low amount of carbohydrates and fats.

There most common use is to up lift the lost energy in your body but that does not mean that huge intake of protein will make you a super strengthen guy. Even it can adversely affect your body therefore a balanced in take is required. The widely recommended daily intake for adults is 45-46 grams a day. If you exercise daily than definitely you need more energy and you need some extra energy than those who don’t do. Consuming a protein shake diet does not mean that it will add muscle mass but yes it will help you to build muscle mass efficiently.

The International Society of Sports Nutrition recommendations are as following

  • 1 to 1.6 grams protein per kilogram of body weight daily for all the endurance athletes.
  • 1.6-2 grams protein per kilogram of body weight daily for all the people involved in strength athletes.

Best Protein Shakes available in market

Many people think that one protein shake is enough for a day but that’s not the case as most of them are used as meal replacements therefore they should be taken at different times in a day. Below is the list of different shakes available for different time slots in a day.

Pre workout protein shakes

If you have to do your workouts daily at 20:00 than drink pre workout shakes in between your meals. In between your breakfast and lunch is a good time slot for that. In between meals shake will help you to strengthen your muscles and increase your stamina.

Post workout protein shakes

You can use the post workout shakes just after you did a heavy workout or an exercise. It will help your body to quickly repair the muscles and will strengthen them for the next time.

Meal replacement protein shakes

Usually people only take protein shakes before exercises and don’t even know there are many meal replacement protein shakes available in market. Within our busy routine life many times we don’t find enough time to eat a properly at times therefore meal replacement shakes could be very helpful in such situations. It is also safe and recommended by many nutritionists to drink them to replace meals as it will help your body to overcome the deficiency of protein.

trail running

Common Running Mistakes

trail ru

Running is one of the best fitness activities all around. It is affordable, simple to do, and it’s great to get or stay in shape. There are, however, a few mistakes that most, if not all, new runners make. And sadly, they become the reason most people quit running after a few days or weeks.

Running Too Fast, Too Soon

Running too fast, too soon is a sure-fire recipe for disaster. And the reason is simple. Running is hard work and uses some of the largest muscles on your body. That’s one of the reasons why new runners get out of air after running just a couple minutes.

Also, running puts a lot of stress on your joints and bones. If you do too much running without letting your body get used to the demands of the sport, you can get hurt very easily.

The solution: Get into running gradually. Begin by walking. Then, gradually add a little running to your walks. Soon enough, you will be running like a champ.

Wearing the Wrong Shoes

Running is a high-impact sport and puts your muscles, bones, and joints into a lot of stress. But the good news is that running shoes are made to take some of that impact. That’s why, even though you could go running barefoot (and some people do, by the way) you should not skip on running shoes. Otherwise, you are increasing your chances of getting hurt.

The solution: Go visit a good running store and get yourself a nice pair of running shoes. And yes, they are more expensive than regular sport shoes, but the benefits are many.

Having the Wrong Mindset

Running is a demanding sport, both physically and mentally, and can be frustrating sometimes. After all, watching TV or surfing the net is easier and less physically demanding than running three miles. And if you don’t have a goal for running, you will get discouraged very quickly.

The solution: Run for a cause. Have a purpose. Have a goal. Why? Simply because if you have a reason for running, no matter how cold is outside, or how busy you are, that one reason will help you put on your shoes and hit the road.